Freitag, 1. Januar 2021

Hello 2021 - what can we expect from you?


This whitepaper summarizes the trends and what we can expect in the IT industry in 2021. Of course, it will still be about new features and options. However, the challenges that companies had and have to deal with COVID-19 also brought topics such as IT security and governance back into focus.

In conclusion, the current challenges have made it clear that the question "What do I get out of a new tool or service and what would it take for me to implement it?" is really only the second question. Question number 1 was and will remain for now: "What do I need as a company to be able to work productively?"

After the ECJ declared the Privacy Shields as invalid in the summer of 2020, the topic of GDPR will continue to affect us in 2021.

Details on this and other topics in the free whitepaper Hello 2021 - what can we expect from you?