Mittwoch, 30. September 2020

Microsoft Information Protection – News from Ignite 2020

The Microsoft Ignite Conference 2020 was held online from 22.09. - 24.09. Besides many announcements around Microsoft Teams and Office 365 there were also some news about Microsoft Information Protection.

News from Ignite

Microsoft is combining data loss prevention and protection of sensitive data. DLP rules can now be defined in the sensitivity label:

Data Loss Prevention is an area that is currently under strong focus. This is a current and important topic not least because of the strong growth of home office regulations in the context of CORONA. Here an overview of the announcements:

  • Devices / Endpoint Integration and the Cloud App Security service can now be set as targets for DLP policies:

  • In the context of the Cloud App Security service, it is also possible to restrict which registered apps are affected by the policy:
  • Under the topic "Policy Settings" you can then control the effects of the policy in a very granular way:
  • A DLP policy can be run in test mode in the first step:
There will also be changes from the user's perspective. Here is an example of how DLP will affect Microsoft Teams:


By integrating DLP functions into Sensitivity Label and coupling it with the Cloud App Security and Endpoint Manager / Intune services, sensitive data can now be protected in a holistic approach. With the new options, protection is independent of the storage location, the tool used for editing and the device used. Nevertheless, users can still work flexibly with the data - even from the home office.

The key topics on the current roadmap at are:

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