Donnerstag, 2. März 2023

Anonymize your Microsoft 365 reports

The topic of data protection in the context of Microsoft 365 is still ongoing and not finally clarified in all details. The handling of user information and reports is not only a point from the GDPR. Other audits and ISO standards also address this point. For this reason, Microsoft 365 has been offering the option to output anonymous user names in reports instead of the actual user names. Settings -> Org Settings -> Services -> Reports:

By default, the function is active and the reports are anonymized. However, the actual log data is not changed, but the data in the reports is displayed anonymized, depending on the setting. The anonymization can thus be switched on or off and the user data in the reports change ahock: 

The setting affects the following reports in Microsoft 365:
  • Email Activity
  • Mailbox Activity
  • OneDrive files
  • SharePoint Activity
  • SharePoint Site Usage
  • Microsoft Teams Activity
  • Yammer Activity
  • Active users in Microsoft 365 Services and Apps
  • Groups Activity

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