Mittwoch, 29. März 2023

Introducing Microsoft Security Copilot

Converting questions into actions

Key Functions:

  • Simplify the complex 
  • Catch what others miss 
  • Address the talent gap

Ask Security Copilot questions in natural language and get actionable answers.

Microsoft Security Copilot combines a Large Language Model (LLM) with a Microsoft security-specific model.

When Security Copilot receives a question from a security expert, it uses a security-specific language model to provide answers that can help assess and resolve the incident:

In doing so, the Microsoft Security Copilot response leads to a higher quality of detection and reduces the time needed to resolve the problem:
The solution is thus a kind of SOC as a Service powed by AI.

Security Copilot is a learning system, which means it is continuously improving. Users can directly provide feedback on the answers and solutions suggested by Security Copilot via the integrated interface. The Security Copilot is also able to prepare and report / document incidents:

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